A Brief Exposition About Ogbaru

Ogbaru, a local government area sitting pretty on Latitude: 5.9213° N and Longitude: 6.7280° E with the Niger river adorning it on the right side due North of the cartesian plane. This awesome area is part of Anambra North Senatorial District, Nigeria. Now let's take a look at this little exposé about Ogbaru...

About the forum

Ogdiary, an online Community with the main aim of uniting and telling Our story in Ogbaru. This platform runs on the best and current technologies which will enable Our people interact seamlessly and have access to some other features like the "Archive". Ogdiary grants both Ogbaru and Non-Ogbaru people access to know about the place called Ogbaru just from the homepage, where one can ask anything and the answer gets sourced locally from the community and reply delivered to the supplied email address.
To access all the features like Forum Interaction, Reading of books, Placing of Adverts, Links and others, one needs to sign up on the platform.