Extra Information About Ossomala

Ossomala is one of the 16 Communities in Ogbaru Local Government of Anambra State, Nigeria. It is an ancient Kingdom of the lower Niger valley that took its origin as far back as 1640. Though the colonial masters tried to change its name to Osomari, it still retains its traditional name, “Ossomala”.


Ossomala is located at the bank of the River Niger, about 34 kilometers South of Onitsha. It has common boundaries with Umunankwo on the North, Mputu on the East, Obeagwe on the South and the River Niger on the West.


It is made up of nine villages, namely, Isiolu, Ugolo, Umuoga, Umuonyeogwu, Ndam, Umuchi, Akpanam, Igbuzo and Umu-Odu. Each of these villages has a traditional ruler who must be the eldest man in the village. They are known as the Okpala with specific identification Titles as follows:

Village Name Title
Akpanam Ogene
Igbuzo Onologwu
Isiolu Uzi
Ndam Ogene
Ugolo Ogene
Umuchi Okpala
Umu-Odu Odum
Umuoga Ogene
Umuonyeogwu Ajie
The primary duty of the Okpala of a village is to see to the preservation of the traditions and cultures of his village in line with the ecology and affinity of Ossomala as an entity or town. Ossomala has a Leader, otherwise known as the King or Traditional Ruler who is the Custodian of all traditions and cultures of the town, including security and social matters. The Title of the King of Ossomala is Okakwu. Presently, His Royal Highness Victor Chukwuemeka Awogu is the Atamanya of Ossomala Kingdom. He is from Ugolo village. Assisting the Okakwu in the day to day administration of the town is a President General (PG) elected by the entire Community in accordance with Government guidelines for that purpose. The present P.G. of Ossomala is Sir William A. Iweama from Igbuzo village.


Ossomala people are predominantly farmers, with Yams, Potatoes, fresh pepper, garden eggs and vegetables as their main crops. This is due to the vast arable land within and around the town, and the fertile island opposite the Ossomala called Agwe. These contribute in no small way to food production by this community. Another source of livelihood of the people of Ossomala is fishing, which, to a large extent promotes production and killing of fish in both small and large quantities.